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Shavaun Wall, Ph.D.


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Columbia University
New York, NY
Ph.D. 1977 Educational Psychology:
School Psychology
The Institute for Behavioral Research
Silver Spring, MD
M.A. 1974 Human Learning
The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
B.A. 1972 Psychology


Professional History

2012-present Euphemia Lofton Haynes Professor The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
2005-present Ordinary Professor The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
2006-200? Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
2000-2006 Chair, Department of Education The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
1982-2005 Associate Professor The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
1977-1982 Assistant Professor The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC


Research Interests

 Fields: Early Childhood Education, Special Education , and Psychology
 Special Interests: Comprehensive services for young children and families, Children in poverty and at risk for or with disabilities.



 EDUC 313  Classroom Management for Regular and Special Needs Children  
 EDUC 534 Field Experience: Collaboration, Consultation and Systems Changes  
 EDUC 584  Curriculum and Strategy in Early Childhood Education  
 EDUC 635  Psychological Measurement  
 EDUC 699  Introduction to Educational Research  


Recent Publications

Peterson, C.A., Wall, S., Jeon, H.J., Swanson, M.E., Carta, J.J., Luze, G.J., & Eshbaugh, E (2013) Identification of disabilities and service receipt among preschool children living in poverty.  Journal of Special Education, 47 (1), 28-40.

Eshbaugh, E.M., Peterson, C.A., Wall, S., Carta, J., Luze, G., Swanson, M., Jeon, H.J. (2011) The impact of children's disabilities, suspected delays, and biological risks on low-income parents' warmth and parent-child activities.  Infant and Child Development, 20, 509-524.

Jeon, H.J., Peterson, C.A., Wall, S., Carta, J.J., Luze, G., Swanson, M., Eshbaugh, E.M. (2011) Predicting school readiness for low-income children with disability risks identified early. Exceptional Children, 77 (4), 435-452.

Zajicek-Farber, M.L., Wall, S., Kisker, E.E., Luze, G.J., & Summers, J.A. (2011).  Comparing service use of Early Head Start families of children with and without disabilities, Journal of Family Social Work, 14(2), 159-178.

Swanson, M.E., Wall, S., Kisker, E., Peterson, C. (2010). Health disparities in low-income families with infants and toddlers: Needs and challenges related to disability. Journal of Child Health-Care, 15(1), 25-38.

Summers, J.A., & Wall, S. (2008).  Cross referrals between programs for infants and toddlers with disabilities: Perceptions of Part C and Early Head Start providers.  Infants and Young Children, 21(4), 322-331.


Crowley, A.L.W., & Wall, S. (2007). Supporting children with disabilities in Catholic schools. Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice, 10(4), 508-522.

Wall, S., Kisker, E.E., Peterson, C.A., Carta, J.J., & Jeon, H.J. (2006). Child care for low income children with disabilities: Access, quality and parent satisfaction. Journal of Early Intervention, 28(4), 283-298.

Wall, S., Loncke, F., & Smith, N.M. (2006). Collaborative training for special education and rehabilitation services in the developing world.  Journal of International Special Needs Education, 9, 3-17.

Taylor, N.E., Wall, S., Liebow, H., Sabatino, C., Timberlake, E., & Faber, M. (2005).  Mother and soldier: Exploring role tensions in raising a child with disabilities. Exceptional Children, 72(1), 83-99.


Wall, S.M., Taylor, N.E., Liebow, H., Sabatino, C.A., Mayer, L.M., & Farber, M.Z. (2005). Early Head Start and access to Early Intervention services: A qualitative investigation. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 25(4), 218-231.

Peterson, C.A., Wall, S., Raikes, H.A., Kisker, E.E., Swanson, M.E., Jerald, J., et al. (2004). Early Head Start: Identifying and serving children with disabilities. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education 24(2), 76-88.