The Catholic University of America

Merylann "Mimi" J. Schuttloffel, Ph.D.


Ordinary Professor
Phone: 202-319-5805
Fax: 202-319-5815



University of Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Ph.D. 1992 Educational Administration and Research

University of Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma

M.A. 1989 School Counseling
College of Saint Teresa
Winona, Minnesota
B.S. 1971 Elementary Education and French
Minor: Secondary Education


Professional History

Executive Board
Institute for Polity Research and
Catholic Studies


Assistant Professor
Director, Catholic Educational Leadership Program
Director, Center for Service Learning
Department Chair/Associate Professor
Department Chair/Ordinary Professor
Department of Education
The Catholic University of America
1993-1996 Adjunct Professor Department of Higher Education
Oklahoma State University
1993-1996 Principal St. Catherine's Grade School
Tulsa, Oklahoma
1987-1992 Graduate Assistant and Research Assistant

School of Education
University of Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma

1971-1987 Classroom Teacher
Substitute Teacher and Religious Educator
Catholic and public schools
throughout the Midwest


Research Interests

Reflective practice in teaching and leadership
Innovative practice as a change agent
Catholic identity
Transformation of educational beliefs and practice



EDUC 251 Foundations of Education (undergraduate teacher preparation) Sp 2004
EDUC 420 Transformational Leadership and Reflective Thinking for Educational Professionals F 2013
EDUC 567-69 Teaching Internship and Seminar (undergraduate and graduate teacher preparation) F 2008
EDUC 615 Governance Comm Relations Su 2008
EDUC 702 Advanced Foundations (graduate core) Sp 2010
EDUC 704 History, Mission and Practice of Catholic Education (graduate) Su 2007
EDUC 707 Contemp Issues: Cath Educ Pol Su 2009
EDUC 708 Educ Policy Analysis Sp 2009
EDUC 714 Teaching and Learning: Focus on Religious Education (graduate) F 2005
EDUC 720 Emerging Leadership Theory (graduate) Sp 2008
EDUC 723 Personnel Administration (graduate) Su 2000
EDUC 724 Education Supervision (graduate) F 2003
EDUC 729 Administrative Internship (graduate) Su 2010
EDUC 759 Internship in Educ Supervision Sp 2004
EDUC 828 Seminar: Administration and Organization Behavior (doctoral) Su 2010
EDUC 850 Interdisciplinary Seminar on Research Su 2010
EDUC 860 Seminar: Research in Catholic Schools (doctoral) Su 2006
REL 714 Teaching/Learning: Religious Education/Chetechetics Sp 2003


Recent Publications


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Book Chapters

Schuttloffel, M. J. (2013).  An international exploration:  The influence of national culture on the identity of Catholic school leaders and their creation of a Catholic school community culture. In G. T. Papanikos (Ed.),  Issues on education and research:  Volume 3 (pp. 515-528).  Athens, Greece:  Athens Institute for Education and Research.

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Journal Articles

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